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Server Moved! Better Connections!

CurtMantis LIVEONGAMING posted Mar 13, 14
The LiveOnGaming Server has been moved to MCProHosting!
We're having excellent support there, and the servers are very stable!
Same IP:
See Server tab for details!

Samimoon curt I got it working now I can play

Server Stability

CurtMantis LIVEONGAMING posted Mar 10, 14
Server should be up and running!
Please report any down-time.

In other news:
  • We will be continuing the Minecraft Nuclear Apocalypse series!
  • We're about to hit 250 Subscribers, 40,000 Views and 150 Videos! So in-sync!

Server's Down! Again!

CurtMantis LIVEONGAMING posted Feb 9, 14
Yes. I know. The server's down.
I'm working with our provider to get this fixed.
Thank you for your patience.

We may be changing server provider soon, because of the downtime. It's unfortunate because the support we have with our current provider is great, but the actual server isn't.


Happy 2nd Birthday LiveOnGaming!

CurtMantis LIVEONGAMING posted Jan 22, 14
So it's our second birthday today! Yay!

General News:
  • We got a TeamSpeak Server! Connect at the bottom right of this page, or connect to in your TeamSpeak client!
Server News:
  • BlockHunt and MarioKart are working!
  • You can now Purchase Arenas!
  • Spawn has had a change! Looks awesome!

Server's Down!

CurtMantis LIVEONGAMING posted Jan 15, 14
Oh no! The Server's down!

I have no clue as to why the server is down, but I can say that I am looking into it.
It seems that our server provider's website is also down, so i's not something I did, *phew*.

In the meantime, listen to this song. It's highly relevant.
I know, it's about League of Legends.

Hoping to get the server back up and running soon, but at the moment it looks like there is nothing I can do.
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